About us

Cristian M. Sæther


The idea about CIMŌRAE NORLYSKAVIAR came as a coincidence In March 2019. By May 2019, it had already been possible to formulate the recipe and complete a successful pilot production run. The adventure of CIMŌRAE NORDLYSKAVIAR begun in earnest.
The goal was to become Norway's only producer to refine the roe from the lumpfish in Norway. The lumpfish is best known from the salmon industry because it eats salmon lice.
On 14. October 2019 Cibus Maris Norway AS granted support from Innovation Norway and in November CIMŌRAE NORLYSKAVIAR got launched in China during China International Import Expo 2019 exhibition in Shanghai.
Cibus Maris Norway AS stood alongside five other Norwegian companies, and was one of the main exhibitors at the Norwegian stand – together we represented Norway at the fair. The team was also joined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Agriculture and Food Minister Olaug Bollestad cut the tape at the official opening of the stand on 6 November 2019.
In December 2019, we discovered by chance that our recipe gives us a product that the world had never seen before, and the feedback from those who tasted CIMORAE NORDLYSKAVIAR exceeded all expectations!
On 24 January 2020, we received approval from the Norwegian Food Authority for Cibus Maris Norway AS to finally begin production.

CIMŌRAE NORTHERN LIGHTS CAVIAR is produced in a small factory in Beiarn (BeiarVekst AS, 66,9°N), which is north of the Arctic Circle, a region with masses of Northern Lights.
In addition to the title, the world's most northerly placed producer manufacturing caviar from lumpfish roe, we are the only company doing producing caviar under the Northern Lights.
The recipe behind CIMŌRAE NORTHERN LIGHTS CAVIAR is based on a secret formula, which reverses the process that roe undergoes when it is preserved from fresh roe to become a raw material.
Fresh roe from Lumpfish is known for the culinary experience you get when you eat eggs.
The caviar consists of whole eggs, full of taste. When you chew them, you get an explosion of taste when the eggs pop in your mouth.
CIMŌRAE NORTHERN LIGHTS CAVIAR has a natural colour. There are no additives, and it is a flavoursome source of Omega-3 and protein.

Cibus Maris Norway AS is one of very few companies in Norway who are committed to non-mechanised production processes. The entire production process is carried out manually by people who have their hearts and souls in their jobs. We are achieving this through cooperation with BeiarVekst AS.
BeiarVekst AS is a VTA company and has as a community mission providing adapted work for people with disabilities through the VTA labour market initiative. (Lasting Facilitated Work).
At Cibus Maris Norway AS we are committed to the environment, and through our commitment to manual labour in the production of CIMŌRAE NORTHERN LIGHTS CAVIAR we hope to leave the least possible environmental and climate footprint.
This also applies to our requirements for quality and food safety, with which we work actively to ensure safe and tasty products for you as a consumer.