Cibus Maris Norway AS is proud to be the only company in Norway producing lumpfish caviar without artificial color. 
An ocean delicacy - produced north of the Arctic Circle. Our product is also the only genuine caviar in the world that is blessed by the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


North of the Arctic Circle, where the presence of nature is intense, where the season of darkness sets in December and refuses to let go until January, where the waves crash onto the shore and wash inexorably over the cliffs, where the Northern Lights dance across the sky — like a cosmic firework display in beautiful harmony with the murky sea — Under these harsh but magical conditions, an exquisite caviar is made from the roe of the lumpfish. The lumpfish comes into the Norwegian coast to spawn when spring buzzes along the shore.
When the winter lets go and the spring marches in, the Northern Lights are at their brightest. Then the shiny, polished stones at last can sense the tide. The days are brighter, and the Northern Lights billow gently across the sky like a cosmic firework display, creating a magical atmosphere. It is also the time when the ice melts, and its spring fever on the shore, when the Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) arrives at the coast to spawn. From the shore, you can now see boats that set sail to start this year's fishing for lumpfish.

CIMŌRAE NORDLYSKAVIAR is a new and exciting delicacy — an all-Norwegian exclusive caviar of Lumpfish roe. It is made on the coast of Helgeland, where the mountain range The Seven Sisters take pride in the sea gap. 
Here the conditions are perfect for lumpfish roe. Northern Norway’s nature, the smell of salty sea and swept by northern lights over the dramatic landscape, is the inspiration behind CIMŌRAE NORDLYSKAVIAR.
Our exclusive caviar, CIMŌRAE, or “the country from which the Northern Lights come”, is an exquisite caviar that is as unique as the country it comes from — the land of the Northern Lights.


The Arctic Circle symbolizes wild, beautiful nature, gastronomic experiences and the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). No other place in the world can offer this unique combination of the harsh, the exquisite and the magical. Northern Norwegian nature, the smell of the salty sea and the sweep of the Northern Lights over the dramatic landscape, is the inspiration behind CIMŌRAE NORDLYSKAVIAR.
CIMŌRAE means "Northern Lights food from the sea" in Latin and it is put together from the Latin words “Cibus Maris”, that means “food from the sea” and “Aurōrae” that means Northern Lights. NORDLYSKAVIAR means Northern Lights caviar in Norwegian. 

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